Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pug Eats!

Is that really news? All Pugs eat, and rather too greedily. I promised that my next post would be a Pug Post, and this is it. It is all about what Our Pug Jonty eats. While lunching with a friend recently, she commented on the weirdness factor of my snowdome collection. As we continued to chat, the conversation came around to freezers, and what size would suit. I noted that there is a tidal effect in ours. Dog food gets cooked and put into plastic containers and frozen in bulk. As the tide recedes, the plastic container cupboard fills. Ebb and flow.

"What?" she said. You COOK for your dog????"

"Of course", I said, "doesn't everyone?" My estimated weirdness factor just went up a notch or two.

Well I really do know that most people serve up those tins, but my last Pug, the great Benny, got kidney stones in his old age. I swore that it was because of tinned food, and that Jonty would be better fed. It is quite easy, really, convenient, I know what he is eating, and it is cheap. So I am going to share my recipe, along with a picture of the Magnificent Jonty. See his gleaming coat? Not bad for an 11 year old elder statesman.

The Recipe

Put a large stockpot on the stove with a couple of litres of water. Start it heating.

Use your food processor to shred a carrot, a turnip, and a parsnip. Add in about 6 cloves of garlic (shred them too.) Garlic deters worms. Include sweet potato and pumpkin if you like. Add this to the water.

As it starts coming to the boil, put in some or all of the following, adjusting the proportions as you like:

6 hearts
a big piece of liver
6 lamb kidneys or a couple of ox kidneys
Some diced chuck steak
Half a kilo of chicken mince
Anything else you think would be good. It can be any combination of meat that is cheap and available. The above is just a suggestion.

When it comes to the boil, throw in two packets of pasta - I always think that the vegetable spirals work well, but truly, does it matter?

Then a packet of the secret ingredient - quinoa. It is high in protein, it has lots of good trace elements, it is GOOD FOR HIM1 - and it is good for us too.

Boil it up until it is all cooked, adding more water if you like. It shouldn't be too soupy.

Finally, chop a bunch of bok choy or other asian greens and add that. When it is wilted and cooked, only a few minutes, ladle the whole lot into plastic boxes and freeze it. It lasts us for months. Jonty thrives on it.

Is that weird? No, of course it isn't. Nothing is too good for Our Pug Jonty.

Next will be a sock post. They are coming along just fine.