Sunday, July 20, 2008

Being organised

Sunday is my washing day.

In this Sunday's Sunday Life (SunHerald) was an ad for ANZ which caught my eye. It features a clothesline, with the tag line "Organised savings options for organised people."

This clothesline is the one of my dreams. There are four parallel lines, with the washing arranged in PERFECT order.

From left to right are blue jeans with red pegs, then pink shirts with green pegs, purple/blue shades of teeshirts with yellow pegs, singlets in shades of green with white pegs, and then striped socks with blue pegs.

From the back line to the front they are arranged from largest to smallest.

Not that I am obsessive about hanging washing out on the line, of course. Not that I have to have matching pegs or anything. Or that socks MUST be hung in pairs by one side of the cuff only, not by the toe.

Whoever did this ad has my enormous respect. I wish I could find a picture of it to show you.