Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Celebrity mother

Ever since I can remember there has been the tale of the mysterious Indian blood in my mother's side of the family. Story has it that there was an old family photo with an Indian Chief in it. We do have slanty deep set eyes, so who knows if there is any truth in it? When I did my celebrity lookalike a couple of posts ago I turned up a Korean actor. When Julie did hers, she turned up a Chinese actor. Why not do your mother? suggested Julie. So here they are. The first photo is of her aged around 28, and the second around 17.

No Asians there, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is there! How cool is THAT! And that photo of Ginger Rogers is very similar. My favourite, however, is John D. Rockerfeller - can YOU see the similarity???

On to the younger photo,

One Asian face there. Isn't this a fun way to spend time on a rainy day?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All over the place like a dog's breakfast

And what a breakfast it is. Here is the story of Majic's breakfast this morning.

First, he sits patiently while I prepare the bowls. One red bowl each for us, and the two white bowls for him. See how patient he is, while all is being prepared?

Why TWO bowls for him? Let's look a little closer and see what is in each of those bowls:

On the left we have puppy biscuits. I won't name the brand, but it is an expensive one. On the right we have pawpaw, banana, and plain yoghurt. But wait - do dogs eat fruit? Ooh yes. Majic eats fruit salad every morning, and apart from grapes (which are toxic to dogs) he eats every kind of fruit.

I am going to put them both on the floor together, and see which one he eats first, or whether he goes from one to the other.

Here goes:

Yup - the fruit first. And a few seconds later he's still at the fruit:

Still at the fruit, he hasn't even looked at the biscuits yet:

Ooops, spilled a few bits, better go and get those:

Are you SURE there are no stray chunks of pawpaw or banana left? OK, if you are POSITIVE, I guess I'll eat the biscuits now.

Man, it's a dog's life!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Celebrity lookalikes - me?

Thanks, Witty Knitter, for some good time-wasting fun on the public holiday. I went to the face site she posted about and selected a recent photo of me not smiling. Here is the result:

Patrick Swayze??? Consuelo Velasquez>? Who are these celebrities? And because this is addictive, I tried one smiling:

Yes, public holidays are fun.. now to go and look up Bae Yong-jun.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Knitting and beading - some experiments

I am experimenting with another necklace. A couple of years ago I did an experimental piece of beaded knitting - just fourteen stitches, and some strung beads. The silver and purple beads had been strung on red crochet cotton to a pattern which had been designed for a crochet rope, but for some reason it just didn't want to be crocheted. That knitting experiment worked out well - there was a kind of design in the necklace, but nothing really recognisable. I knitted the fourteen stitches back and forth, and the long strip kinda curled in on itself. I sewed on a clasp and a necklace was born. It was lovely, and I gave it to a good friend. I liked it so much I made another exactly the same, and kept it. Every time I wear it someone comments on it.

I've been thinking about more bead knitting, and bought a couple of how-to books by Julia Pretl.

I bought some rayon thread to experiment with, and strung alternating black and
white 2-cut beads. They have a lovely sparkle to them. The black ones were left over from a project - a long crochet lariat rope which I wear a lot. The white/rainbow ones I bought in Hastings, Nebraska, on our last visit there. I wanted to knit in the round, so I bought some 1.25 mm double pointed needles from Crochet Australia. The plan was to knit a tube of 11 stitches with the beads alternating in a checkerboard pattern.

Well, knitting on those tiny needles in the round just proved impossible. They were too slippery, there were too few stitches, nothing seemed to go right. I persevered for quite a while, and
didn't like the result. The beads wouldn't stay on the right side despite using the beaded knitting stitch - what Julia Pretl calls the Eastern stitch (needle through the back of the knit stitch, yarn over and around clockwise, bead up and through). The needles kept slipping out of their stitches. I am more patient and persistent than most people, but this was too much.

Next I tried Julia Pretl's double sided knitting. I've done that for a hem in wool before, so I know what to do. Knit, then slip, so you are knitting a tube, but on two needles.

That didn't work either. The slipped stitch made the whole thing too tight to push the bead through. My temper began to fray and I thought I would try one more thing before giving up on knitting and using the beaded crochet technique to make them into a rope.

I took up a pair of knobbed 1.25 needles, cast on 14 stitches and started the usual knit one row (bead knitting) purl one row. I am very happy with this. The way the beads slant in opposite directions, the way they catch the light. Yes, this will work. The piece is beginning to curl over on itself, which will make a nice necklace.

What a learning experience, but frustrating.

I have some lovely silk (thank you daughter, for that birthday present...) for my next project, and some black/red/white cross stitch charted patterns. I have plenty of black and white 2-cuts and might buy some red ones, or another highlight colour. I have nebulous plans to create a patterned knitted silk beaded evening bag with a crochet rope handle. I wonder if I could do THAT in the round, with more stitches and double pointed needles? Hmmm, might do some more experimenting. Knitting in the round might not give the same back and forth slant to the beads.... I wonder..... stay tuned.