Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Celebrity mother

Ever since I can remember there has been the tale of the mysterious Indian blood in my mother's side of the family. Story has it that there was an old family photo with an Indian Chief in it. We do have slanty deep set eyes, so who knows if there is any truth in it? When I did my celebrity lookalike a couple of posts ago I turned up a Korean actor. When Julie did hers, she turned up a Chinese actor. Why not do your mother? suggested Julie. So here they are. The first photo is of her aged around 28, and the second around 17.

No Asians there, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is there! How cool is THAT! And that photo of Ginger Rogers is very similar. My favourite, however, is John D. Rockerfeller - can YOU see the similarity???

On to the younger photo,

One Asian face there. Isn't this a fun way to spend time on a rainy day?


  1. I had Mark Wahlberg too, but I didn't put him in the montage. So, we do have some facial structure in common! There may be something to the Asian features by the looks of it....

  2. Certainly as a young women she has a slightly asian look. But I'd say more Mongolian than chinese - more cheekbones and not so round-faced. Could be Amerindian, yes. Glad you're having fun with the tool.

  3. I actually thought she looked more like Helen Hunt.