Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All over the place like a dog's breakfast

And what a breakfast it is. Here is the story of Majic's breakfast this morning.

First, he sits patiently while I prepare the bowls. One red bowl each for us, and the two white bowls for him. See how patient he is, while all is being prepared?

Why TWO bowls for him? Let's look a little closer and see what is in each of those bowls:

On the left we have puppy biscuits. I won't name the brand, but it is an expensive one. On the right we have pawpaw, banana, and plain yoghurt. But wait - do dogs eat fruit? Ooh yes. Majic eats fruit salad every morning, and apart from grapes (which are toxic to dogs) he eats every kind of fruit.

I am going to put them both on the floor together, and see which one he eats first, or whether he goes from one to the other.

Here goes:

Yup - the fruit first. And a few seconds later he's still at the fruit:

Still at the fruit, he hasn't even looked at the biscuits yet:

Ooops, spilled a few bits, better go and get those:

Are you SURE there are no stray chunks of pawpaw or banana left? OK, if you are POSITIVE, I guess I'll eat the biscuits now.

Man, it's a dog's life!

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  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Do dogs eat fruit - what's that about the Pope being a Catholic?

    We had a Beagle years ago, who used to pick his own blackberries, VERY carefully.

    And a Kelpie X who had to be banned from the garden enclosure because of a wicked taste for strawberries.

    Mind you, the top of the odd pet pops was the cat who used to eat fresh steamed asparagus - and she would just about KILL to get at the stuff.......

    Gae in Callal Bay