Saturday, May 05, 2007

How much do I love that doggie?

For ages I have been thinking of baking dog biscuits. Yes, you heard me. I already cook his food and freeze it. The last batch contained quinoa and lentils along with pasta, vegetables and meat. He does very well on it, as did The Great Jonty. However, he gets a very small serving of dry dog food every morning, before his fruit salad and yoghurt.

Reading about the terrible events with contaminated dog food in the US recently galvanized me into action this morning. The first stop was Ozpugs to find some suitable recipes. Yup, there was plenty of inspiration. I gathered the ingredients.

Firstly, some fish stock because we had a whole kingfish recently and had the head and bones. I used some of that to soak about two cups of rolled oats, along with some butter. (Thought about lard, thought about oil, went for the butter this time.)

Mixed that with about a cup and a half of yellow cornmeal, two or three cups of wholemeal flour, two eggs, quite a bit of grated cheese, and two tablespoons of honey.

Mixed it all up in the trusty Kitchen Aid, rolled it out, cut it up, and baked them. No, I do not have a pug-shaped biscuit cutter nor a bone shaped one. Truly, I didn't think he would care what shape the bisuits were!

They came out looking pretty good. Actually, they tasted pretty darned good too! I have to confess I had more than one. Here they are on their cooling rack:

There was much interest from The Pug. It doesn't matter whether I think they tasted OK, what did the dog think? Here comes the acid test.....

Hooray! He likes them! He ate rather more than one or two, and is eager to continue the tast-testing. I shall ration them, and he can have a few for breakfast instead of ground-up chicken heads dry dog biscuits.

Have I just made another rod for my own back? Of course, but that's what having a pet is all about. I wonder if he would like peanut-butter parmesan snaps?


  1. I could repeat the comment on the last entry... :) But good on you for caring enough to bother. Majic will be happy and healthy and you can feel virtuous.

  2. Well, that's your Christmas present sorted out. Pug cookie cutters indeed....

  3. Sounds like there are many reasons for buying from local suppliers but home made is the best - lucky dog.