Saturday, July 21, 2007

Majic the Pug graduates

Majic the Pug was awarded not one but TWO degrees yesterday. He was first awarded his Certificate stating completion of the Basic On-lead dog obedience program, and then his Intermediate On-lead dog obedience program.

It entailed ten weeks of going to Glebe Bicentennial Park on Saturday afternoons. The class started quite large, but by the end there were only four of us: Pierre the Black Standard Poodle, Cassie the German Shepherd, Bella the white fluffball, and Majic the Pug.

There were, I gather, about 19 of these obedience classes held around the City of Sydney, and ours was deemed the best. (Is that what they tell all the participants?) We were videoed doing Our Stuff for the Hanrob website, and we will post the link when it appears. We also had photos taken on our penultimate class. Alas, Bella the Fluffball was absent that day, but here are Cassie, Majic and Pierre in a sit/stay.

And here is the class photo, with the Council Organiser, Tanja, second from the left.

We didn't plan to do BOTH the basic and intermediate, but we were offered the opportunity. As we were all enjoying it, we took it up. Intermediate involves being able to sit, stay, down, walking around while the dog stays, interacting in a calm way with the other dogs, come, and various other bits and pieces. Majic can do them all. He can walk on the lead OK while we are in school perfectly well!

Am I pleased with him? You betcha.


  1. Congratulations to Majic, and to his clever owners. Lovely photo. Sandra says congrats from her too, and does this mean we will see you back at knitting soon?

  2. Many congratulations to Majic! Does that mean he's now a nice, well behaved dog on the lead? We will have to see proof I think!

  3. heather5:07 PM

    congratulations to Majic! Me and Rosie look forward to seeing him again next week X