Saturday, November 01, 2008

Prescott to Phoenix, Tuesday 28th October.

A travel day, and a few odds and ends to deal with. We drove from Prescott to Phoenix, which didn't take very long. The zip on Michael's leather bag had sprung, so I'd found a luggage repair place on the web, and used our GST navigator (Uhura) to get us there. How did we manage before the web and navigators? The guys at Cobblestone said they could repair the bag by the next day, and were very affable. Across the street was a Dillard's, our favourite department store. We went over for some retail experience. I always buy bras at Dillards. The service from Jill and the range was terrific, so I bought four. Michael likes a particular brand of shirt, in a hard-to-find size, and found one there. The salesman had the most amazing comb-over hair I have ever seen.

One of the things on the Phoenix agenda was to visit Utopia Street and Utopia Estate. Uhura got us there. Utopia in Phoenix is trailer homes, an estate for the over 55s. We took photos, of course.

Returned to the hotel for another hot tub experience for me, followed by a review of possible activities for the next day. We contemplated a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West. This would have been interesting, particularly as Paolo Soleri had spent some time there and learned a lot from Wright, but it was an expensive and extensive tour for which we didn't quite have enough enthusiasm. We are completely vista-ed out, so I suggested perhaps some botanical interest with the Desert Botanic Gardens. That's the plan.

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  1. Mike (& Ed)6:05 PM

    You missed a trat with Talesin West. Not as grat as a good fitting bra, perhaps, but we had a wonderful tour there the summer Ed turned 40. We bought their stock of Frank Lloyd Wright designed dinnerware as his 40th b-day gift.

    We still need to fill in some missing pieces as the service was discontinued and only reissued a few years ago.

    PS: Your photos of the cacti were wonderful, but the manhole covers... (too many feet shots). Speaking of shots-- nice once about social life and churches. I went to b-school in Glendale and you hit that nail on the head.

    PPS: TimTams were very tasty, ta very much.