Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thursday 2nd July: Nouville and Anse Keunde

Another glorious day. The mission for today was to drive through Nouville, just outside Noumea, and find the little beach called Anse Keunde. It was no trouble at all. There was a little traffic jam, perhaps caused by the docked liner, Pacific Sun. The road took us straight there with no trouble at all.

The little beach was charming, and not many people there.

Mum and I togged up, got our masks on, and waded out.

And waded, and waded, and waded. Well, paddled, really. I went out a long long way, and nowhere did it get above thigh deep. I went out almost to those boats in the background and still was only knee deep. Here I am emerging after the swim..

Still, one can swim and snorkel in very shallow water, which I did, being careful not to scrape tummy on coral. There was a bit of coral, lovely colours of purple and pink. There were some bright fish, big and little. Around one lump of coral was a cloud of tiny iridescent blue/green fish, the tiniest I've seen.

After our swim (Michael sat on a shady bench with his books for the duration) we lay in the sun, and enjoyed the sound of some children splashing and playing - all in French. We strolled around and took some snaps of the small resort that is there.

I was particularly amused by the steel shipping container with the thatched roof. It turned out to be a toilet block.

We drove home, ate some lunch, and spent the rest of the day lolling about. Reading, knitting, playing cards, snoozing in the sun. This is my idea of a holiday. We have just watched the sun set, so will get ready soon to go out and eat dinner.

There was NO SHOPPING today of any kind. Nothing, no fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, bread, anything. We have enough for breakfast tomorrow (bacon and eggs is on the menu) and will enjoy our evening out.

Mum and I played Malice and Spite, and yes, it was her turn to win.

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