Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Dust, mop, polish

Whew it is dusty in here! Time to bring out the power cleaning tools and clean up before we head off to Darwin on our annual winter holiday, to be documented in these screens.

Although Sydney has been glorious lately it is still cardigan and woolly socks weather. Nothing wrong with that for this happy knitter. But Darwin promises warm weather and sunshine, so off we go for a couple of weeks.

We have lots planned, including Kakadu. On our last trip we went to Litchfield National Park and Katherine Gorge, so now is our chance to go to Kakadu. We had planned a trip to Bathurst Island but alas it was cancelled. I have my packing list, and on it is big camera and both its lenses. There will be lots of photos. Other gizmos include the Apple Airport wifi, an iPad and iPhone each, the Kindle, the card reader for uploading pics, my UP bracelet to track the tropical steps, and all the associated cables and plugs.

Knitting will be the Clark Cable mitts Julie gave me for my birthday. I have all the notions in a ziploc bag. I am also thinking about crocheting some summer cotton gloves. Yes yes, I know. Ridiculous. When would I ever wear them? But they are so pretty and I want to do them. I have the book and will take some crochet cotton and hooks. Nice small projects.

Will I take my rollup keyboard to learn the latest Scriabin Etude? Stay tuned for more.

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