Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A cave hotel, more museums, Ankara, Cappadocia

'Argh!  I am so far behind and we have done so much.  I just don't know where to begin to try and catch up.  Today is Tuesday and I am sitting in the Ibis Nest room of a cave hotel in Cappadocia, the Tafoni Houses.  It is carved out of the very stone, and is so luxurious.  I have just had a spa bath and am now enjoying a cup of tea.  Oh, life is tough.  

This morning we went to see the rock churches in the Göreme open air museum, and passed by the fairy chimneys.  What a strange landscape, although no more so than WA's Pinnacles, or Bryce Canyon, or Monument Valley.  It is a wonderful world we live in.  

A few snaps from the open air museum

What a lot of steps. Yes, I climbed them all, every one. 

We then went to a jewellery shop where many of our number bought lovely things, and where the sultanite was fascinating.  I sternly resisted some beautiful turquoise beads. We didn't make the connection between Turkish and Turquoise until this trip, perhaps associating it so much with the US Southwest, but here is where it was named for.  I loved them but truly, I have enough jewellery. And I was saving myself. I had in mind a plate or tile to put in a special place in the new house. The Iznik tiles are very captivating, but as you will see, a Turkish turquoise plate caught my attention after lunch. 

Lunch was in a rooftop garden restaurant and might have been the best yet. A piece of burek frittata, some mante - tiny pasta parcels with yoghurt lemon sauce, a meat and vegetable stew in a terra cotta pot, and fruit with icecream. 

After lunch came to ceramic shop which was informative and beautiful. We bargained for a fabulous plate and an owl.  It was expensive at $900 Australian, but it is something we will treasure and enjoy. 

Tonight we are off to see some Whirling Dervishes. When we saw them do a performance in the Opera House a few years ago, it was mesmerising. 

Tomorrow morning we hope to go ballooning. We were supposed to go this morning and were up at 4.45 but alas the weather did not permit. Another early morning coming up, the third in a row before five am. 

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