Thursday, March 30, 2006

Still knitting, but what about the blog?

What a slacker I turned out to be in the blogging department. Once you stop, it is hard to get going. A post from my daughter prompts me to update you, my trusty readers. I have not been slack in the knitting department. A birthday present for Michael was a Sock Certificate, entitling him to one pair of hand knitted socks. They have been knitted. It is only when you knit a pair of socks for someone that you truly appreciate how large are the feet. These aren't socks, they are gunboat covers. The two balls of wool (Elann sock wool) were not enough, so there was an emergency dash to Tapestry Craft to buy some close-as-possible Patonyle. So these dark blue ribbed socks have black toes. He likes them long, and they were top down. At least I have learned from this - three balls of wool for his socks. Here he is wearing them. Next to him is my sister, who tried on my first attempt at sock knitting and almost had to be pried out of them.

Now that the socks are finished, what's on the needles now? How could I go to SSK with not even one project on the go? I couldn't, and that's all there is to it. More socks? I have plenty more sock wool, and plenty more eager feet. But...

A friend is having a baby, and a small garment seemed in order. I have been in a knitting frenzy, enjoying the little lace pattern. This is the body (all knitted in one piece) so I have only a little more to do there, plus the little sleeves. No more pictures until it is done, this will give you just a taste. Maybe another week. Can she hang on that long???

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  1. At last! An entry! Love the sock story - and looking forward to seeing finished article for baby Beach which looks gorgeous!! I am crossing my legs for you. Still lolling round and waiting do not worry!