Friday, March 31, 2006

Willy and Wilty

Despite all my good intentions I did not make it to SSK today. Truly, I did mean to go, and was looking forward to it. Instead, I indulged my predilection for techie stuff, hence the title of this post.

For ages I've been meaning to post on WILLY - What I Learned Last Year. Now that it is April already, it seems a bit out of date. Better late than never? Here is a very short list: Wikis - the work wiki was a revelation in how people communicate and how quickly things get out of date and out of control without some good procedures and constant editing. Blogs, of course, writing one and reading those of others. RSS Feeds, especially the wonderful plugin RSSPopper for Outlook. My love affair with Mozilla Firefox (just love those tabs), and eventual abandonment of Mozilla Thunderbird (it didn't have an integrated calendar and wouldn't synch with either the Palm or my phone.) Now I've gone back to Outlook and have not only my phone and palm synched, but the next on the WILLY list, the iPod. It is wonderful. I can download all my favourite Radio National Programs, but what makes it really worthwhile is Cast On with Brenda Dayne. Just wonderful. I love it. I spent hours turning my records into mp3 files using Audacity, but have not finished by a long shot. There was lots more I learned associated with my job, too much and too arcane to bore you with here. On the home front, I learned how to knit socks, to turn a heel, to graft using Kitchener Stitch.

What about Wilty? What I Learned This Year. So far, the list is extending. This last week I installed a wireless network for my mother, who has moved next door. I have successfully established a wireless network at home, so can sit here with the laptop on my lap, not connected to ANYTHING, and type this.

And what has this to do with not going to SSK today? As noted above, my mother has moved next door. This is a good thing for everyone. My nephew installed a set top digital TV box for her, and one has to keep up with the Joneses. Today, we bought one. Instead of knitting with wool, I feel as though I've been crocheting with cables. The RGB goes here, the composite red/yellow white, this goes here and that goes there, and then you press this button on that remote control and then that button on this remote control, and much sweat and swearing later, we are navigating the digital highway.

It goes on. You just have to keep up with technology or it gets away from you. That's my excuse anyway.

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  1. So, does your mother knit? You could be the first 3-gen group at SSK! Good to see that she has her priorities right, getting her nearest and dearest organised to get her onto the digital highway as soon as she's moved in!