Friday, August 11, 2006


On Thursday morning at 9.00 I was, as usual, sitting in my home office having my weekly team meeting. This is done by phone, and I have my speakerphone on with the team in Melbourne on the other end. My mobile rang a couple of times, but I let that go through to voicemail. Suddenly, the phone rang. Not the land line, not the mobile, but Skype through my PC. I saw it was someone from our software developer in the US calling. "Hey guys" I said, "Heather is calling. I'll just answer her." I did so, and for the next half hour our meeting continued with all of us - Heather from the US on Skype, three from Melbourne on the land line, and me from Sydney. Everyone could hear well, the meeting was fruitful. Ain't technology grand? (When it works....)

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