Monday, September 04, 2006

Project pipeline

I am told that it is good to have many projects on the go. A small portable one for public transport, a veggie-knitting one in stockinette for watching TV, and a highly complex one to keep you interested.

Right now, I only have two projects going. The first is the veggie-knitting black jumper, and I have finished the back. The second is slightly more complex. I had three and a half balls of white Rowan Cotton Glace left over from a cardigan I did years ago. Expensive stuff, and I couldn't waste it. It is now being knitted up into a baby pram blanket, with a moss stitch border and a middle of the "Little Birds" stitch from the Harmony Book of Knitting Stitches. Pictures will be posted when I have made further progress.

I finished Tam 2, and that was fun and very successful. When I get it off my mother's head I will post a pic of it (and when the digital camera is repaired.)

But what's in the pipeline? Always a question for us knitters.
  1. I have two balls of purple Elann sock wool, and am contemplating the sock pattern I want to use. Toe-up, I think, as I haven't done that before.
  2. Then there are the five different colours of Bambi which will go into a new tam for my cleaning lady's daughter.
  3. And for variety I have a kit for a beaded purse, small black beads, from PurseParadise. I'll post a picture later from home. (I'm doing this at work, where Content Keeper keeps me from all the good knitting and crafty websites)
  4. And just the other day I couldn't resist buying Knitting Out of Africa, (hope that link works) and am going to have to decide which one of those glorious creations will be mine.
Is that enough? Even as I write I am thinking about the daffodil tea cosy that I really do need.


  1. daffodil tea cosy? Sounds... interesting... :)

  2. Far out, you're up to your third tam and I haven't even started one yet!! I'll have to get all the pointers from you when I do get around to it.

  3. Daffodil tea? That does sounds interesting - a Spring drink I presume. :-)