Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some knit and some pug

His kennel name is Youshi Majic, named by Athol. We ummed and aahed about what to call him, and finally opted to keep that name, Majic. He is a magic little dog, and it suits him. Athol was pleased at our decision. Majic is a quick, smart boy. He has learned to walk on the lead reasonably well, we are teaching him the words NO, HEEL and STOP. We are making a start on the SIT and COME, and he is a quick learner. He's full of beans and wiggles, loves to play. Yesterday we walked down to the vet where we got flea stuff and heartworm stuff, and ordered him a name tag. We decided to make Christmas ornaments out of Jonty and Portia's tags, so we will bring them out every year and remember them. Here is the little Magic Man.

On the knitting front I have been continuing the V-neck black jumper. Finished the back and the front. I wanted to do something different for the sleeve, so went to an old book for a knitted lace edging. Therese de Dillmont's Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework has been in our family since I can remember, and I love using it for patterns. I chose one with little points. Here it is:

My plan is to pick up the stitches for the sleeve along the edging, do another lace pattern - a simple ridged eyelet - then complete the sleeve in veggie knitting. Perhaps, just perhaps, I shall sew small black beads to the points of the edging.

Life goes on.

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