Friday, January 26, 2007

Straya Day, and it is roast lamb

Do they look keen? Ooh yes. Straya Day Eve saw us all eating a roast leg of lamb, with roast potatoes, pumpkin, and beans. Sam Kekovich would be proud of us.

On the day itself we went to Bill and Alison's to have snags from their back yard barbie. We adorned ourselves with Australian flag stickers too. It was partly to celebrate their son Zachary's birthday, so there were a zillion kids there, from 3 months to our age. We enjoyed the chocolate crackles too. Yum! Good to see all those little taxpayers getting ready to support us in our dotage.

Majic went too. He was immediately pounced on by lots of little girls, and he just loved it. Then he saw Jazz. Jazz is the size of a great dane, she is ENORMOUS! They got along just fine, and Majic was a very tired boy when he got home.

So we thought we had done Australia Day proud, and thoroughly enjoyed it. On the subject of Majic, it feels like we have a pug-shaped slot in our lives, something like this:

He slotted right into that spot, and life seems complete. There seemed very little settling in period. He is very different from Jonty (or Bennie). More like Bennie in that he is a bit timid, not as boofy or active as Jonty. Being pugless is pretty desolate! Being pugged is definitely the state we prefer.

More knitting today. I have done the lace for the second sleeve of the black jumper (which is now covered with pug fur) and have made some progress up the arm. I think it is going to be nice, and will be finished soon.

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  1. Lovely post. Glad Majic is slotted in so well. He certainly looks right at home.