Wednesday, February 28, 2007

His Majicsty

Yes, that's his new nickname. He certainly keeps us busy, and I am getting fitter. We have taken to heart the teachings of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. Cesar says that dogs need to migrate in their search for food, so every morning and afternoon Majic and I migrate long distances, as well as a short walk just before bedtime for emptying of the tanks. The longer walks take us up to St. Stephen's cemetery where we stride among the historic gravestones, or down to Erskineville Park, or further afield. He is discovering and I am rediscovering acquaintance with dog walkers I knew when Jonty was a lad. It is a nice community of people and many wondered where Jonty and I had gotten to.

Majic is still pulling on the lead, but when he is off the lead he sticks close and I am quite comfortable letting him go free, especially in the Churchyard. which is walled and quite safe.

Michael and I are renamed as Catapult 1 and Catapult 2, as we spend hours at home throwing toys and balls for him to fetch. He loves it. We've tried ball-throwing in parks, but he doesn't seem to recognise them. Perhaps there is too much other stimulation there for him to concentrate - he is quite a skittish dog.

He sits like no other dog I've ever known, and remember this is our Pug 3rd. edition. Pugs often sit right back on their bums with their back legs sticking forward - a kind of Winston Churchill pose - but Majic sits upright with back legs stuck out at the sides. It is very cute.

If you look very closely at this photo you might see a mark on his head among the wrinkles, just above his right eye (on your left looking at him.) He went to the vet about this a couple of weeks ago, and was tested for ringworm. Not ringworm. So yesterday he went again to be sedated and have some of this scraped off and analyzed. There is no way you could scrape anything off him without him being sedated - he is a sublime wriggler.

The verdict is demodetic mange, otherwise known as demodex. All dogs have these mites, but when their immune systems are compromised, often as puppies, the mites take hold. He is being treated with Advocate every two weeks.

Being of an ever so slightly herbal nature, I also saw on the web that Neem Oil can be helpful. I happen to have Neem Oil (for soap-making purposes) and have decided it can do no harm, so I am now rubbing that into the spot. Most dogs recover from this with no treatment, but when he does get better I am likely to claim success from the Neem Oil.

Speaking of soap-making, I shall probably send off the twenty bars to Chicago today. The soap is good and I hope the buyer is happy with it.


  1. That's a gorgeous photo of the little Pug. I think he's getting cuter as he grows up, even if he is buggy....

  2. heather2:06 AM

    Hi Katie - lovely to see an update and am glad you always do so many photos. What a cute doggie - hope Rosie takes to him better next time as I think she may be a doggie person like her father.