Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Too cute to knit!


How can I knit when I have a little face like this peering up at me? He is full of beans and we spend hours throwing toys for him. But he sleeps a lot of the day, being a dog. And my word of today is a favourite word. Dogs are CREPUSCULAR. They come alive at those twilight hours, dawn and dusk. During the night he sleeps, during the day he is relatively quiet, and will get quieter as he gets older.

I am, however, still knitting the endless veggie knitting black jumper. The last bit is the neckband (V-neck) and then the sewing up. There is a backlog of other projects awaiting attention, but wait... there is that little dog distracting me again!!!
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  1. Alys and Majella2:40 PM

    Hi Katie and Michael,
    Alys and Majella here in Ireland just looking at the photo's of Jonty and the new ones of Majic. He is beautiful and I bet he is keeping you busy. Had you forgotten how much energy they had.
    Would love to keep in touch.
    Alys and Majella