Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now THAT"S customer service

I love corn tortillas. Just love them, and always have. Once you could only get them (rarely) in tins. Then you could buy them by making a trip to Brookvale and getting big frozen stacks of them. In the past few years, happy days! You could buy these from Coles! Wonderful.

For the past three weeks they haven't been there. Anxiety levels rise each week. Then I found a packet in the Wraps of the World section (as opposed to the flat bread section.) Rummaged around, but there was only one pack.

In despair, I went to the maker's website http://sandiego.com.au - and sent them an email asking about stockists, and whether Coles had stopped stocking them. I also included one of my favourite breakfast recipes - a quick cheesy egg tortilla.

Well. Stand back and wait for the result! I got an email almost immediately thanking me, and asking whether they could use the recipe. They also suggested that I use Coles' customer feedback form to request that they stock them. I also got information about why my Coles had stopped stocking them.

Then I got two calls - one asking whereabouts I lived, then the next letting me know the closest stockist. Then I got ANOTHER call saying they had some packets they would like to send me - would home be best, or would I like them delivered to a shop close by? Three packs arrived in the mail today.

Let me tell you these are the BEST TORTILLAS IN THE WORLD, and this example of customer service is the best I have ever experienced. The company should be very proud of itself indeed.

Thanks to the Gringos at San Diego Tortilla Factory!
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  1. All very well, but where's the recipe?

  2. Yeah - and who stocks them if Coles doesn't? Don't tease us like that.