Thursday, March 29, 2007

Recipe and location!

OK OK, you commenters! You want the recipe? It is really too simple to be called a recipe, but here it is.

There are lots of variations depending on how much I feel like indulging or being in a diet mood.

Take one corn tortilla (straight out of the freezer is fine) and butter one side of it.


Spray your frypan with non-stick stuff (Julie and I call it Spray'n'Stick)

Heat the frypan a little.

Spread the other side of the tortilla with Kraft Cheese Spread and put it in the frypan, butter side down,


Put the tortilla in the frypan and then put as much grated cheese on top as you like.

Break an egg over the cheese/cheese spread. Break the yolk so it runs over the top. It shouldn't run over the edges much, if at all. A corn tortilla is just the right size for an egg.

Put a lid over the frypan and leave it until the egg is cooked. The base of the tortilla might be just going crispy by this stage. Timing of this isn't really critical.

Take it out of the frypan, cut with scissors into quarters. Add some chili if you like (and I particularly like Smoky Chipoltle Tabasco which is available from USAFoods online. Great service from them.

Sometimes I add some grilled bacon or ham on top too. Quick, easy, tasty. Love my breakfast!

Now, where do you get the tortillas? I used to get mine at Coles Broadway. San Diego tell me that Coles in Hillsdale (near Pagewood) stocks them, so I am going to go there and stock up. If you go to any supermarket and ASK for them they might stock them for you.

And if you are very good, next time I will give you my mother's recipe for Enchiladas. Oooh, yummy.


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  2. Sorry, had to delete my comment 'cos I accidentally put my password in it. As I was saying... I'll have to stock up.

  3. I'm just here lobbying for the enchilada recipe. Or, better, someone to cook me enchiladas!