Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sock attacker

Winter is on its way, and so are the woolly socks. This is the one I started in Honolulu, and it has been waiting for me to finish the black jumper.

It is the ribbed lace pattern from Charlene Schurch, and is 80 stitches around. Julie tells me that 72 is enough and expresses concern that the sock will be too big. It is a little loose, but socks often shrink a little when washed. It is also rather longer than usual, partly because I always have a little wool left over, and partly because I wanted to finish a 24-row pattern repeat before I started the heel flap.

Now I am concerned as to whether I have enough wool left. You can see the amount left to go... but Julie tells me that she has some more of this wool and I can have some if necessary. Looks like I just might have enough....

Uh oh! Who is that marauder I see getting into the act? This will be the third or fourth time The Pug has made off with this ball of wool. Fortunately he prefers unknitted wool, so the sock has not been made free with (yet).

It is hard to get much knitting done while he is awake. One sits quietly, and suddenly you feel something pressed firmly into your leg. A slimy dog toy.

This one is Mr. Green, who is turning into rather scraggy frayed Mr. Green.

Oh well, I'd better put the knitting down again and play fetch. Isn't he cute?


  1. He is CUTE! Lucky he does not chew your knitting like my parent's dogs! I've had a few things which have been quite thoroughly chewed up.

  2. Hmmm, yes, Mr Green is looking a little decrepit. We may need to find him a replacement at some point.