Saturday, March 17, 2007

Veggie knitting completed

It hasn't taken tooooooo long, and there was minimal ripping apart, and the veggie knitting plain black jumper is DONE! I love it. The lace edging on the sleeves is perfect and I'm glad I didn't do more on the hem. Not sure whether I would do that double basque again but it looks OK. This is a standard Patons pattern and I've done a cardigan in this size before. The set-in sleeves and shoulders are just right for me - I'm a bit narrow in the shoulder, and the fit is really good. I am delighted with it. And the pug fur shows up so nicely on it!

Now on to the socks I began in October in Hawaii. The first one is about a third done, so I will look forward to a smaller and more complex project. There are other plans in the pipeline, of course. Some involve beads.

Majic Moments

Last weekend Majic went to the Pug Picnic in Centennial Park. He had a fantastic time with around 30 other pugs, and was the toast of the occasion. He really should be called Mr. Squiggle (and often is) because he just LOVES people and he spent much of the morning squiggling happily with this young woman and the young man next to her. They just loved him, which is, of course, totally understandable.

He is extremely energetic, and I have been renamed Kate-a-pult! Here he is in a fairly typical "pose" - full flight retrieving his pink squeaky which has been thrown a hundred times. He loves his toys. We can be sitting calmly when suddenly a dog-slimed toy is pressed against our leg, and the boy says Pleeeeeeeeeze? Who can resist.

That dirty pillow in the background, by the way, is not slovenliness on our part. This is one of Majic's girlfriends. She is a real slut, just lies there and takes it. Sorry, no more of that.....

He has a fine appetite, burning off lots of calories in all kinds of ways (I thought there was going to be no more of that talk???). In the morning he gets puppy biscuits. Many pugs like fruit, and Majic loves it, so I've taken to giving him his very own little bowl of fruit salad and yoghurt when I make ours each morning. He enjoys it, and I love his little yoghurt chin. Here he is sitting in his own special way, legs arrayed on either side, with evidence of breakfast.

Does it sound like we are having fun? Of course we are. This weekend again we dedicated a significant portion of time to dogtainment. Obedience class on Saturday arvo. He is about to graduate from beginner to intermediate. Today I made a big batch of dog food (yummo!) for the freezer, and then this afternoon we went to Cafe Bones in Leichhardt where he had a puppy biscuit and we had coffee and little cakes. He enjoyed to socialising, so did we.

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  1. Yay! Congratulations on finishing the jumper finally! The neckline looks good too. I'm sure it will be very flattering.