Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The dog loves the baby

Heather came over the other day for a visit and a chat. She brought Rosie too, and we were both filled with a certain trepidation about this introduction. It is not without good reason that we call Majic Mr. Squiggle. He adores everyone. Anyone who shows the least interest in him is likely to be bounced on Tigger-like, licked, nibbled, and generally rumbled. How on earth was he going to cope with a crawler (Rosie is not quite one year old) and how was she going to cope with him?

After the initial introduction of nappy-changing (you can read the gory details in Heather's blog) Rosie was put on the floor. There was a little licking of the face, but Rosie seemed to like it! She started to laugh - a big proper belly laugh. Majic was not sure what to do.

Rosie thought that Majic's toybox was a good place to start, so grabbed a couple of his toys and started chewing on them. This is good for her immune system. Majic seemed reacted with equanimity - well, apart from a couple of bouts of Crazy Pug (aka the Pug Scuttle) through the house at speed, which Rosie thought was hilarious. At no stage did Majic jump on her or be anything but gentle. They played for an hour and a half, perfectly happy. Stay tuned - will Heather ever let Rosie have her own dog? Will we have more playdates for them? It was a charming episode.

Some photos as proof:


  1. Tres cute! And I love the veggie knitting - forgot to say yesterday.

  2. heather3:56 PM

    More more more playdates!! It was wonderful!

    Can't believe you managed to get a couple of photos with all that scuttling round too..

    My letters are egwos...

  3. heather4:00 PM

    PS Rachel said she saw a programme about babies in Africa having their bottoms licked clean by dogs - apparently this is excellent symbiosis as there is antiseptic in their tongues..

  4. Heather - tooooo much information!!! :-)