Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Maps on the phone

We went up to the Blue Mountains on Sunday, for lunch. Leaving Alpha Prime means that we need a street directory and directions. Of course we went to Whereis before going, to review the best route. We had excellent instructions from our friend too.

Our street directory is getting a bit old, but the printed ones are SO big that they don't fit either in the glove box or in the side pockets of the car doors. I was interested when rocketing around Google's latest offerings to see Google Maps for Mobile. I downloaded it and had a bit of a play.

Then yesterday we went into town, and I thought I just might pop in to Tapestry Craft. I've been there before (d'oh!) but wasn't exactly sure which block it was in. So while Michael chose coral trout from the fish counter at DJ's Food Hall, I fired it up. Clicked on Search, then typed in Tapestry Craft. Up popped the address and phone number, with options to call, or to view it on a map, or to view a list of directions from my current location.

I am very impressed.

Oh yes, I got five balls of pale khaki cotton to knit a pram blanket for my niece's baby. I'll put that on Ravelry soon. If you have a Ravelry account then you'll find me there under Knittatpug. I've been gradually populating that site with my projects, stash, and library. Along with playing Scrabulous on Facebook, I've been busy!

Does it sound like I've been on holiday? More toys to play with. Love it.

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