Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Taking a quick break from Greece with Henrietta and Majic

Every dog deserves a Christmas present, and Majic is no exception. He LOVES his toys, all of them. Anywhere we sit ends up with a cairn of toys around our feet as he brings them to us. He presses a toy against a leg and looks up beseechingly. If we ignore him, he assumes that toy wasn't good enough, or tempting enough. He drops it, and goes to get another one.

When we saw Henrietta the Christmas Chicken in a pet store window near us, she had to be ours. He adores her. Wouldn't you?

Henrietta is rather large. Almost as large as Majic is.

She also makes a very engaging noise. Not a squeak, so much as a cluck.

He loves to play with her - so does someone else around here!

Majic loves it when you throw Henrietta the length of the house. He fetches her back looking very proud.

Henrietta can be a bit dangerous though. When Majic is on your lap he likes to take her by the neck and give her a good shaking. Those big black boots of hers really make a dent in one's face as they swing by.

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  1. That is worse than I'd imagined from your description. I'm sure he loves it. Is she still in one piece?