Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The garden progresses

Majic adores the goings on in the back yard. He adores the builders, especially Rick, who loves him in return. I fear that Majic might be abducted one day!

I think Majic was cut out to be a Builder's Pug, or a Plumber's Pug. He just loves being out there and in amongst it all. Rick even indulged Majic's desire to drive the wheelbarrow.

Majic had a bit of a problem finding the steering wheel, though.

While The Blokes are generally happy to have him around, we did have to draw the line when he went wading in the wet concrete. The footings were not long poured when Majic decided he didn't need to use the wooden plank. After all, an urban Pug knows about footpaths! Alas, he didn't realise it hadn't set.

He was quickly whisked to the bathtub.

Things are going along beautifully out the back. The curved 'seating wall' is now in place, and I can see we are going to have a lot more room now that all the perimeter garden is gone. It is kind of sad to see some of it go, but truly, I don't need to have a big garden to weed. The corner left will be ample.

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