Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Scold's Bridle?

I can't help thinking there is more than a touch of sexism in the Belinda Neal/John della Bosca affair. I don't know the woman, and she doesn't sound like someone I really want to know, and that is totally irrelevant. This this whole affair has been blown into huge proportions. Would it have happened if it had just been one of the blokes who threw a tanty at having to move tables? Is Belinda the only one to trade insults in Parliament? I reckon that she's copping a whole heap because she is a woman playing politics to a man's rules. She's damned if she doesn't. And it looks awfully like she's damned if she does.


  1. I agree. She seems very unpleasant, but so do most politicians.

  2. JulieB2:00 PM

    He gets the support of his cronies in the state Labor party. She's dealing with the new order in the federal party. I get the feeling that that makes a big difference too. If NSW had Kevin and Julia running it there'd be a whole different slant on the issue I think.

  3. I agree. An easy target - an opinionated woman. It doesn't matter that her husband is as bad/worse. In the present NSW state parliament his behaviour is considered normal (for a male).
    I'm pleased that the other Female Federal Parliamentarians are calling the media out on this case.