Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mango Mourning

We are in deep mourning today as our mango tree is being removed. As I sit typing this I hear the sound of the chainsaw. Over the last few years it has been ailing. We have had the Tree Doctor in several times.

On 15th January, 2003 the notes say "the tree is showing marked signs of decline. A secondary infestation of ambrosia beetle exists."

On 7th April, 2006 the notes were "leaf colour is poor with interveinal clorosis throughout the canopy."

Nothing lasts forever, and the tree is probably sixty years old. It now looks terrible and it is time to bite the bullet.

Over the years it has given us enormous pleasure. It gave shade, and it gave fruit. The fruit were enormous - sometimes over a kilo each. They were sweet, delicious, and a blessing. To harvest one's own mangoes in inner city Sydney was an amazing thing.

Farewell, tree. We loved you.

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  1. Sad... all things pass eventually but we don't have to like it. What will you plant to replace it?