Monday, September 08, 2008

The Wedding

Eighteen months ago my daughter announced her engagement. She's blogged about it, so you can read some of the preparations (especially the knitting) for it here. I've enjoyed all the leadup to it, especially finding and buying the dress. According to Julie you know when you have the right dress when your mother bursts into tears. There were moments like that all along.

The wedding was on Saturday. It was a dismal day, cold and rainy, but nothing dampened the joy and love.

I went to her house in the morning for the 'fooofffing'. She had organised a hair and makeup person to come to her house to prepare us for the Big Day. The Bridesmaid was there, and we had such fun. Melony, the artiste, did a terrific job. We ate a healthy lunch, Julie knitted to keep calm while Bridesmaid and I were dollied up. The flowers arrived on time. I took lots of photos during the preparations.

The Bridesmaid's Husband was the Chauffeur and he shepherded us to the car, and we drove to Curzon Hall, where the wedding was held. It was to have been in the garden, but the weather precluded that, so it was on a beautiful verandah. There was a harpist accompanying. Curzon Hall is tremendously professional. The reception was in a lovely room inside from the verandah.

Everything was lovely. The Bride and Groom glowed, the Best Man looked terrific, the food, the music, the flowers, everything. What a charming occasion.

Of course I had my camera and took lots of photos. They are in the album linked at the side, and here are a couple of the best ones:

From Wedding

From Wedding

From Wedding

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