Saturday, January 03, 2009

This week targetting.... tea bags

Every so often I decide I want to or should drink herbal teas. Their packets are so enticing, their names so delightful. Different varieties tend to leap into the trolley at the supermarket.

But then they languish at home after one or two are used. This week I am targetting them. There are two St. John's Wort with Berries bags left. I like St. John's Wort, it really does have a cheering effect, so it will be the first to be finished.

Then there is the Chamomile tea, which I ought to drink at night for its relaxing effect, instead of the mug of Chocolait. There are two versions of chamomile. And three bags of the organic fairtrade lemon valerian. And a box of Healtheries Sleep Tea with passionflower and chamomile. I have no trouble sleeping eight to nine hours a night, so I don't quite know why I have all this sleepy stuff.

The vanilla flavoured Rooibos is terrible. Plain rooibos is good but the vanilla flavouring adds a really unpleasant note. That can go into the bin.

Then the liquorice tea, which is deliciously and oddly sweet, but is really old now. Out.

Dilmah's Masala Chai fiery Ceylon spice is great on a cold day, and maybe even on a hot day. I will finish that next.

Buddha's Tears are gorgeous. I love the way they unfurl in the mug, but truly the flavour is not much. Green tea is supposed to be good for you, so I have the obligatory box of that too.

Finally there is the Lipton's black tea. I only have that because when the back yard was being re-done the two builders seemed to drink an awful lot of tea and I was forever making pots of my favourite looseleaf Panyong Congou from T2 or Twining's Russian Caravan. With tons of milk and sugar in a mug it didn't really seem necessary to do more than tea bags.

For myself, a pot of tea around 4 pm is wonderful. Looseleaf, in the teapot, infused for the right amound of time, in a white china cup and saucer, with a very small dash of sugar. Mmmm.

It is likely to take more than a week of targetting that lot. Maybe two or three months instead! I've discovered with my 'this week targetting... little bottles of moisturizer' that incorporating it into the daily routine (instead of just occasionally) the stuff gets used.

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  1. Mmmm... Liptons :) Don't laugh - Liptons is my go-to choice at work. Far better than Twinings EB. We need to do a tea clean-out too. We don't have any of those weirdo herbal flavoured ones though.