Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Knit tat pug thermomix

Yes, I have joined the Thermomix clan.  One of my Facebook friends posted a while ago that his 20 year old food processor had finally died.  "Buy a Thermomix!" shouted many more friends.  I wondered what a Thermomix was.  I'd thought about a Vitamix for the making of smoothies and more, and was confused about why I would buy one rather than the other.  I posted the question on my own Facebook page.  "Thermomix or Vitamix?"  There were comments, pros and cons, and I spent quite a bit of time researching websites and asking friends.

What sold me on the Thermie was that it not only whizzed things up, it also stirred them, and cooked them.  It also weighed them.

Another FB friend had been thinking about having a Thermie party - rather like a Tupperware party.  I immediately put up my hand and asked if I could come.  Thank you Rachel!

The day came.  In fact, I rang up the Thermie lady the day before and ordered one, so on the day I was looking forward to seeing whether I had made the right decision.

The first dish prepared was a strawberry lime sorbet.  How easy and how delicious!  I could do that!  Then the bread was prepared and put into the oven.  Again, how easy.  A coleslaw with Thermie mayonnaise.  Yum.  A dish of steamed chicken with potato and leek soup underneath, and ribbons of steamed veggies.  Pretty darned good.  Finally, a lemon custard.  A little too much cornflour perhaps, but pretty delicious.   My decision was a good one.

Once I had started thinking about how I would use it for stirring and cooking, as well as milling and whizzing, I thought about all the things I would make.  Porridge for breakfast.  Hominy grits.  Polenta.  Risotto.  Gumbo.  Ice cream.  Custard.  Hot chocolate.   The list went on.  I can see I am getting into this.

I can hardly wait for it to be delivered.  As we cook in our pathetic Thermie-less fashion I can see how many ways it could be used.  This blog will chart our adventures in Thermie-land.   I will post my recipes, and I will also see whether it really does replace any of our existing kitchen gizmos.  Do I really need a juicer?  A food processor?  A Kitchen Aid? (yes).  What about a saucepan?

We shall wait and see.


  1. But what about slicing? That is what I often use my food processor for: vegies for winter casseroles and coleslaw. And grating? We buy big blocks of cheese, grate, freeze, and use sparingly.

    1. Grating yes. Chopping for coleslaw, yes. Veggies for winter casseroles - depends on how big you want the pieces. No Thermomix slicer. Perhaps I will keep the food processor for that, but mostly we use a mandolin (with a knitted stainless steel glove.)