Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's adventures in Thermiland

There wasn't much opportunity for cooking yesterday.  A morning of playing with databases, afternoon with plumber and hot tub repairer, choir practice in the evening so no dinner.

But I did make porridge for breakfast.  A cold rainy morning seems to call for oatmeal!  So I did my usual careful measuring.  Hold the container under the tap and count fairly slowly to four.  Then add four heaping dessertspoons of rolled oats.  Uncle Toby's, of course.  Then I turned it onto Heat 100, Reverse stir on 2 (I think) for 7 minutes.  Delicious, hot, creamy.  Did that again this morning, only for two.  Count to eight slowly, then 8 soupspoons of oats.  Strict quantities are not my thing!

Today was shopping day so I shopped with Thermie in mind.  When we got home, I went to work.

First was a carrot and celery smoothie.  One carrot, some celery stalks, a handful of ice cubes, and a small chunk of ginger.  It needed a bit of diluting as it was quite thick, but awfully good.  There was quite a bit left after I had my fill, so I moved on to a tomato passata.  I thought I might have time to make this before I went off to my singing lesson, and I was right.  In went an onion and a garlic clove.  Chop chop.  Then in went all the tomatoes, which had been chopped into about three pieces each.   Some basil leaves.  A spoonful of the veggie stock my consultant had made as a demo.  Chop chop for a few seconds.  I added the remainder of the carrot/celery juice, and cooked for 30 minutes on Speed 1 at 100 degrees.

Looks pretty good, huh?  It will form the basis of a bolognaise sauce soon.

Off to singing, then to visit Mum.  Got home around 5, and thought I might have time to make a couple of things.  I had half a packet of frozen cherries and a punnet of strawberries so thought they would make a good sorbet.  I didn't have a kilo of ice cubes but I didn't think that would matter.  I had two ice-cube trays, about 400 grams.  In went the sugar, and I turned that into icing sugar.  In went the strawberries and the cherries, and an egg white.  Whip whip on 10 for a minute or so, and the sorbet is utterly delicious.   I had to have several spoonfuls to test whether it really is good enough.  It is.   It has gone into the freezer, and will be dessert.  Might blitz and re-freeze, because that's what the books suggest to keep it soft and sorbet-like. Did I put in a cube of frozen passionfruit pulp?  I think I did.

I am partial to herring, so I bought a jar of Bismarck herrings and a tub of crème fraiche.  There was half a red onion in the fridge, and half a red capsicum.  The onion, capsicum and fresh dill went in first to get the chop.  Then I roughly chopped in three of the herring fillets.  Finally in went the tub of crème fraiche and I stirred that in reverse for a few seconds.  Oh yum.  A bit runny, perhaps cream cheese would be a good addition next time, but it will probably firm up in the fridge.  If it lasts that long.

Then I washed up!  Only one chopping board and knife, plus thermie.  For all that preparation!  It is marvellous.

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