Thursday, October 23, 2014


How did I live before Thermobot?  It seems to be used almost every day.

Breadmaking has become a regular thing.  So very easy.  Being able to grind grains for the flour is somehow very inspiring.  Once upon a time you could buy dark, heavy, sweet and sour black bread in the Estonian style in Sydney.  That bread with liverwurst and sliced tomato with fresh black pepper is my idea of heaven.  It is almost impossible to find now, (does anyone know where to get it?) so I am trying to make my own.  I have both rye flour and rye grains.  I've had a couple of attempts, including today's effort from this recipe.  Coffee, molasses, brown sugar, cocoa powder!  That sounds pretty good.  It tastes pretty good too.  The carrot makes it moist and sweet.  Instead of making a big round loaf I put it into two tins and it turned out well.

 But it isn't quite what I had in mind, so I will keep experimenting.

Yesterday's effort was Lemon Butter.  Who doesn't love lemon butter?  It was so quick and easy, it is sure to become a regular thing.  This recipe worked a treat.  I might whiz the rind a bit longer as it was noticeable in the lemon butter, but I am not sure that it isn't better that way!  Plenty of room for experimentation.

One of my more interesting creations was the yellow turmeric paste from this recipe.  I had quite a bit of fresh turmeric, so used the recipe as a starting point.  I didn't have candlenuts so used peanuts instead.  Quantities are usually approximate with me, so this was my own take on it.  Yes, Julie, I remember - cooking is an art, but baking is a science.  I don't take too many liberties with bread or cakes or biscuits.  But Balinese yellow paste lent itself to variation.  One of my favourite ways to cook is in a terracotta tagine.  Chicken with coconut milk, onions, and a very big dollop of that yellow paste in the tagine for long slow cooking was extremely easy and extremely good.

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