Saturday, October 27, 2007

6th October 2007

Yes, we have entered a time warp. We have been away in Greece for a few weeks, having a wonderful time. Many trips ago we started keeping a travel diary - on PAPER! This time I have decided to transcribe the diary into my blog. It is just too hard to try and blog while away - Internet is available, but it is so much easier to just write stuff down with a pen in the paper diary. Sometimes I think that people watching us might think we are deaf-mutes! I write my thoughts, he grabs the diary and reads, then responds. I grab it back (no, really we are quite polite about it..) and write again. We might not talk much, but we do write quite a bit.

My convention will be to enter things pretty much as we wrote them, but I will add or edit where I see fit, and of course will add photographs. To begin with the photos will be from the little digital camera, and Michael has taken most of those. I specialise in slides which are being developed now. I will scan them and add them to the blog retrospectively if I get around to it.

My diary entries will be in standard script. Michael's are in Arial Blue.

Here we go.

6th October, 2007

It is a Saturday evening. Mum is here for dinner, on our last night before we leave for Greece. We are packed and ready. Packing lists are so helpful! We have our guidebooks, plus Michael's Red Folder. We are ready for Lisa, our house and Majic-sitter. Instructions have been compiled and printed. Majic has been told, but we are not sure he has taken it in yet.

Tonight's menu includes oysters, and Greek New Cuisine-inspired snapper. Stuffed banana chili with rosemary along with asparagus and fried snapper. It was delicious. Lightly floured and deep fried, then into the oven. The oysters were divine. We watched Iron Chef, then took Mum home and romped The Boy.

My behind?

Oh, you mean I am going to be LEFT BEHIND! REALLY!!!

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