Saturday, October 27, 2007

7th October, 2007

Got organised around the house. Changed the sheets, washed, final packing and list checking. Mum came around to bid us farewell. Showered, breakfasted. Read the papers. Tapped feet. Michael snoozed in a sunbeam. Walked The Pug again. Lisa (housesitter) arrived at just after 1 pm, and I booked a taxi online. The cab arrived very promptly - a good service. Majic seemed happy to see Lisa! We bade our farewells to Lisa and Majic. We sure do hope she manages with him OK, he is a bit of a Crazy Pug and quite a handful. Loads of energy, and a bit loopy.

Smooth and effortless checking of the luggage and we sailed through customs. We ignored all the duty free. It is wonderful to be free of all those vices. Cigaretttes, alcohol, perfume and cosmetics hold no allure. I tried to buy some slide film to supplement the three rolls I have with me. That experience made me feel like a dinosaur. None was to be had in the three places (in Sydney Airport) that I tried. Singapore Airport is my next chance. Perhaps this is our last batch of slides and a digital camera is next.

We enjoyed the bounty of the Singapore Airlines Kris Lounge - sandwiches, cheese, fruit, little cakes. Worked on the NY Times Sunday Puzzle, by Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes. Old friends.

We are, this minute, sitting in seats 22 H & K, bulkhead seats. We have just over seven hours to go. It is comfortable, we have much leg room and are perfectly happy. Michael is dispensing "Planes and Trains and Cars" instead of Blinky Bills (lollies) in honour of our travelling status.

Yep! We got push back from the gate and took off right on time. Now four hours later and we are still flying over Australia. I had beef cheek for lunch. Too strong a flavor for me - almost gamey. The dish came from the chef at Aria, so it was an easy way to sample Aria's cuisine. Finished reading The Laughing Policeman, Martin Beck who never smiles. Total flight time of 7 hours and 25 minutes.

I had green curry duck - a bit too fatty but pretty good. I've been enjoying my tatting with dreams of entering the Royal Easter Show. I'm doing a second placemat. If I finish that I will have two placemats. I may continue on and do more, and even have dreams of joining them together to make a tablecloth, but if I stop then at least I have something useful. The pattern is the one in the centre of my blog header, above. I watched John Travolta in Hairspray which was very jolly and perfect airline watching. No deep moments at all, lots of singing.

We are now almost over Indonesia and are about to be fed again. Noodles. Will report later.

It is dark outside and according to Michael's TV we have 2 hrs 15 mins to go. Looking forward to the massage chairs in the airport lounge. Wondering how our little dog is getting on with Lisa. Our business class "amenity kit" was just socks. Earphones are excellent, noise reducing. The bathroom contained toothbrush kits and shaving kits. I am never flying economy again!

We are now close to landing in Singapore, local time 9.00 pm. Elevent pm home time, and the body clock is telling me it is getting to be snooze time.

I just realised that I had left my mobile phone on for the entire journey so hope we will be landing in the right place!!! I wonder they don't have sensors for this kind of thing. Must not forget to find some slide film.

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  1. Business class? I hate you. Lots. After overnighters both to and from LA lately I never want to fly economy again either.