Monday, October 29, 2007

7th October 2007, continued even more

The adventure of travel begins. 1. Will the airport transfer I gooked be at the baggage claim? 2. Will the Adrian Hotel have a room - well maybe not at 8.30 am or so when we arrive, but tonight? 3. Will the Adrian Hotel accommodate our extension to the 24th for checkout? 4. Will the Milos hotel have our reservation? My parting email to confirm this reservation elicited an enthusiastic, incomprehensible email reply I read in the SIA Lounge.

There is a plan. Words that make Kate go tense. Yes - as soon as the hotel is sorted we walk - after about 24 hours of sitting - to the alleged site of Plato's Academy. Although we ate the sizeable hot breakfast on the aircraft (definitely not Qantas cuisine) I expect starvation will afflict us in a few minutes of walking.

Kate saw the bright lights of Beirut as we flew by. We had seats 15 A and C on a like-new Boeing 777-200. To fix Kate's seat the crew man got her to move out, and hit the re-set button under a flap labelled "Crew Use Only" in the arm rest. It took a few stabs but he got it going.

It is a little more than 24 hours since left home, and we are descending to Athens.

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