Thursday, May 29, 2008

Backyard Blitz

It is time we did something about our back yard. We were going to do it a while ago, but then the underpinning of the house had to be done and our bank balance took a beating. We have recovered sufficiently now to address the garden.

We had a design and quote some years ago, and resurrected it. According to the King Street Conservatory, who did the quote, this is the longest sleeping quote they have ever had.

I've just let everything go in the garden. Self-sown compost tomatoes have taken over, grass and weeds have run riot. Stuff has sprung up between the paving bricks, it is all an utter miserable mess. The before photos in the album show how terrible it is.

Blokes and a skip arrived this morning, so at last the process begins. Steve and Rick are out the back and down the side of the house. Majic is dying to be a Builder's Pug (he adores tradesmen, and a while ago made a bid to be a Plumber's Pug) and he is great at getting underfoot and making a pest of himself. Here he is keeping an eye on Steve:

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