Monday, May 12, 2008

A pattern to speak of

I spent a goodly amount of time on my holiday working through filet netting. There was one stitch I needed to know more about (point d'esprit) so I finished it when I got home, having consulted my trusty copy of Therese de Dillmont's Bible.

Here it is - my first proper piece of netting, just cut from the mesh. It has been buttonholed around the edge, and you can still see the little bits of the mesh poking out the ends. It has to be washed, and it has to shrink. Then it will all fluff up and the linen stitch will compress, and it will look better. It is SUCH fun to do! I love it. There will be more of this, I can assure you.

Did you know that the Hawaiian flag includes the Union Jack? This piece is a kind of union jack design, so it is appropriate.

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