Monday, October 20, 2008

The journey begins

with a busy morning getting everything done, packed. Popped in on Mum to say farewell, and cuddled the Pug. Ordered a taxi from the website, it arrived promptly. To the airport, then the airport lounge. I''d checked in online, and asked at the checkin counter whether it made any difference to do that. No, she said. So I wondered why I had bothered.

14 hours later I arrived at SF Airport. Having had dry-finger-no-fingerprints twice now at Honolulu, I was prepared with handcream. Ooops! There is a new system where the dryer the better. Fingerprints too dark, had to go to the secondary customs area where I was checked out. There are no winners in this game.

Despite being sent to the domestic terminal I did make my way back to International where my old workmate and friend Michael was waiting for me. He whisked me off to their condo where I was ushered into the shower (bliss!) and we had a lovely salad and a long chat. It seemed like only yesterday I had seen him, but it was probably 1986. It was great to meet Ed, and the time was much too short. I hope to see them when they come to Australia next.

Refreshed, got back on the plane to go to Denver (about 3 hours, I think) then a half hour change at Denver to Omaha, another hour or so. Getting pretty weary, this is a long trip and I usually break this kind of cross country flying with a night in LA or SF. Michael was in Omaha to meet me, although he was pretty fragile having picked up some kind of bug. Kept us both awake most of the night, but at least I was lying flat! I drove down to Hastings the next day and was glad to see Michael's mother looking so well. Michael still really crook, so I cooked for Barbara and I. We'd stopped at WalMart coming into Hastings to stock up. Barbara doesn't cook at all, and I wanted some fruit and veg. Man, Walmart is ENORMOUS! Saw some fresh tomatillos so bought them, made a creamy tomatillo chicken dish for dinner.

The countryside is very autumnal, with golden cornfields at the end of the harvest, leaves turning. It is a nice time of year. There are some Halloween decorations about the place, but not as noticeable as last time we were here.

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