Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New 'prize'technology

Up at 6 this morning to go to Moab, and as we check out we receive a flimsy plastic card with a strange window in it. The instructions on the card tell us to go to a website and hold this window up against the screen to reveal a secret code to enter for prizes. I try this on Baby (our little white EeePC). What comes up on the screen is a blue box against which to hold the card, but I can't get the code right - I get an error. I took it to the hotel lobby to view in their monitor, and still can't get it right. Am I colourblind? Is it too hard to read, like some of those online verification codes? Do we really WANT 25,000 Holidy Inn points?

Our first stop this morning is the Greeley Museum to see what they have on the Union Colony, then into the car for a long road trip. We are aiming for Moab today, which is well on the way to our booking at Gouldings in Monument Valley.

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