Saturday, July 16, 2005

I can't believe I'm doing this!

I swore I would never join those people who feel it appropriate to share the minutiae of their quotidian doings, but when I saw the chance to join the Knitters with Pugs webring, I knew I had to do it. Just to see whether I liked it. So here goes.

Requirements: Pug

Yes, I have a Pug. Jonty the Magnificent is nearly 11 years old. He is a fine Pug indeed. Once he was a show pug and became a champion. His breeder used to take him off for shows, and he loved it. Now he rests on his laurels. He is also father of champions. His breeder used to take him off for dirty weekends, and he loved that too. Now that he is an elder statesman, he is content to sniff other dogs, and sometimes get excited. But that's all. Today he is not well. Ate grass this morning, and has thrown up many times. I hope he gets better soon.

Knitting or other textile craft: Oh yes. I knit. I crochet. I bead. I tat. Projects on the go right now include:

A jumper in Jo Sharp wool that I knit to the end. Tried it on. For the first time ever, I unpicked the whole thing. It was too big, too short, the sleeves too long. I am just beginning to re-knit it. Same pattern, smaller size, shorter sleeves, longer body. Pictures will be posted soon.

I recently finished a baby shawl for a good friend. I started it for her first child, finished it for her second. Picture attached.

Last night I finished tatting a lace bonnet for a big doll I had when I was a child. It is currently drying, having been starched. I need to iron it, pull out all the picots, and make sure it is in good shape. Then I will post a pic.

Finally, projects I have planned:

  • Finish the Jo Sharp jumper
  • I have some blue velvet on which I am going to applique a tatted picture of a willow tree, adorned with some Swarowski crystals and turn into an evening bag
  • A dress for the same dolly who now has the tatted bonnet drying on her head.
  • Sundry black material to make into tops for me, when/if my daughter gives back my sewing machine.
I think that's enough for now.

My first post....

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