Thursday, July 28, 2005

Out, out, damned junk!

D-Day has arrived. Ditch that junk! See all these balls of cream wool in the bin? I bought those in 1988 (yes, you see it correctly, nineteen eighty eight) from a shop which no longer exists, for $32.00. Yes, sadly, I even still had the docket. Even in those dim dark days that was REALLY CHEAP for that wool. I bought enough to do an Aran jumper. I had my eye on cables and bobbles. I had the pattern, and what a great deal on the wool. Knitting began. The wool began to reveal itself for the junk it was. It broke every now and then. I knitted on, thinking it might be just one ball. It wasn't. I wasn't going to waste my time doing something as labour intensive as an Aran jumper. But could I throw it out???? Would you???

Oh no, I decided to crochet granny squares from it. If it broke, it wouldn't matter too much. The blue wool came from leftover cardigans and jumpers of yore. Of course, other more interesting projects intervened. The squares and the wool gathered dust and moths in the cupboard. Finally last week I took them out of the cupboard, and with the support of my husband and daughter decided they had to go. So they went into a plastic bag in the front bedroom. Should I give them all to St. Vincent de Paul? If I did that, some other muggins would seize the wool and try to do something with it, encountering the same frustrations I have had with it.

So as you see it now, it really is in THE RUBBISH BIN where it has belonged all these years. Aaaahh. Such a relief. Now I can get on with some more projects.......

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