Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pcinic day in Sydney

What a glorious day in Sydney. Winter, almost spring, and it is warm and sunny. We went for an afternoon mini-picnic to Berry Island , near Wollstonecraft on the northern side of the Harbour. A rug, a couple of chairs, some coffee and jam sponge rollups, the Sunday NYTimes puzzle, and the sunshine. We met some friends for a chat. Jonty needed some shade from the sun. He's very happy with his position on a lap, and his Nebraska Huskers cap for shade. We went for a walk around the 'island' and Jonty managed very well with some assistance up the steps. Our friends had their guide-dog-in-training, Goldy, a young golden labrador. She wasn't wearing her pink guide-dog learners jacket today, but she was very well behaved.

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