Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It snowed at Christmas!

What? Snowing in Sydney in December? Yup, right here there was snow in abundance. Christmas is when I get my snowdome collection out and put it on display. There are only 63 of them, and during the year they live in a little chest where they don't need dusting. Christmas seems like an appropriate time to get them out for an airing, so here they are. They are from all over the place, as snowdomes are. The gold one you can see towards the right is really a sandstorm - inside there is a Pyramid and a Sphinx with gold glitter. From Egypt of course. The big red heart behind it comes from New York.

On this little table with the lava lamp there is a Nebraska one, right next to an Elvis from Graceland dome. The matchbox shape is a miniature kitchen scene from Mexico, an honorary snowdome.

People ask whether I have a favourite, and I confess, I do. It is the one right in front in this little group. You can't see it well, but it is my only double-sided dome. On one side there is a scuba diver with coral and shells and little fish, and on the other side is a leaping dolphin. Where do you think this piece of exotica comes from? Melbourne. Yes, Melbourne.

There are places we've been that don't seem to have snowdomes. Like Korea, home of an enormous amount of tacky souvenirs, but no snowdomes. I guess I could go to Global Shakeup and buy one (if they had one) but I wouldn't dream of doing that. And please, now that I've revealed my secret collection, don't give me any. The rule is that either Michael or me has to be there and buy it in person. And we might JUST have enough domes right now...

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