Sunday, January 01, 2006

Toys for Christmas - or - The Wireless Office

We've had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and survived the great heat of yesterday. 44 degrees is TOO HOT! There were lots of new toys for Christmas, including a Nano iPod and a wireless router. Not to mention getting our fried computer back again, thanks to the Son-out-law. We must keep it on its other side to ensure that it gets enough air through it. Apparently it had suffered severe meltdown.

So isn't it fun to reinstall stuff (he'd saved all our data, thank you thank you) but there was much to reinstall, and much to replug. I know, I've blogged about big fat plugs before, but this time the subject is the Wireless Office. We have a wireless mouse, the digital camera, the e-book, the Palm, the iPod, a laptop, an ADSL modem, a wireless router so the laptop can be used outside in the garden or wherever. So how come all these things need all these wires? Here they are, you can see the mess we are in.

I've had SOOOOO much fun installing all this stuff, and it all now works. Except that I have no sound from the PC any more, nor any place to plug in the speakers. I'll fix that soon enough. And it took far too long to install the wireless router, because I didn't know I needed a dynamic IP address instead of a PPPoE, as was suggested by the documentation. Isn't it great to have a wireless office? As well as a paperless one?

And where do you think the Pug likes to sleep. You got it, he likes to crawl in and lie in amongst all those wires, on the big fat plugs where it is warm. Then he likes to lurch out with cords around his neck and his legs. Now that I have the camera connected (with its own cradle, its own USB connection, its own power source, I will be able to take a picture of him next time he does it. Provided, of course, that he doesn't get the camera cables around his neck and destroy the whole setup. Pugs are such fun.

Don't worry, as soon as I have the sound card I will bind all the cables up neatly using spiral cable binding stuff. And as soon as I have done that, I will need to unhook it all again for some other unforeseen catastrophe.

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