Friday, November 17, 2006

And then we went to Hawaii

We celebrated Michael's birthday in real style, as you can see from Julie's blog, and Michael's blog. It seems overkill to add too many more photos when you can see them there, but I've just added one to prove I was there. It was wonderful, of course, as it always is. Snorkelling every day, watching sunsets, an earthquake, it was all fantastic.

Since I've been back I've been to Melbourne for two days, and Canberra for one. There is one more trip to Melbourne coming up. Life will be very busy for us in the ARROW project since DEST announced that the RQF was going ahead. Digital repositories are key in how universities will manage these processes, so we are front and centre.

With all that travel, I just wanted to share with you all one great travel tip - bulldog clips. I travel with about three of them, and ever since I have packed them I've used them. They are great for clipping a towel around you. Or clipping curtains together when they don't quite meet. When I stay in Clayton, Melbourne, the curtains there are very flimsy and the lights outside very bright, so the bulldog clips are always deployed to clip my big navy blue wool shawl to the curtains to cut some of the light. Very handy.

Have I been knitting? You betcha. Years ago I did a cardigan in Rowan white cotton glace, and had about three balls left over. Too expensive to ditch, but what do you do with three balls? Well, the baby boom in Newtown/Erskineville means that there is demand for knitted baby things. Our neighbours, Pan and Ann (yes, you've got that right) are expecting next month, so I have done a pram blanket which is almost finished. A moss stitch border, and flying birds stitch. Quite cute, really.

Then I must get back to my black V-neck jumper, the beaded purse from the PurseLady, and the purple lace socks.

As Julie says, we all like sheep... and alpacas.... (Sorry Handel).

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