Thursday, November 23, 2006

How many beds does one Pug need?

Answer: A minimum of four. Yes, one elderly Pug requires a bed in pretty much every room in the house. Pugs are generally very companiable - at least Benny was and so is Jonty. Where you are is where they are. We live in a long narrow terrace house, so there is movement up and down the house. Jonty goes too.

1. His bed of preference seems to be the one in the office. It is half of his big crate, with an old woolly car seat cover as the base, plus an old cushion and a Pet Futon to act as side bumpers. He loves this bed, hops in as soon as we sit at the computer, and is fast asleep in seconds. He is quick to get in, and slow to get out.

2. There are two beds in the lounge room. One is a woolly flat thing with a foam base. This used to be one of Portia's favourites too, and when there were sunbeams sometimes the two would share it. This is an old photo, while Portia was still with us, showing proof that sharing was possible. This was not a case of camaraderie but of sufferance. Usually Portia would eventually creak away if Jonty came too close. These days there is also a pillow on it - he does like to lean against things.

3. The bigger bed in the lounge is harder for him to get onto, but he does love it. It is big and poufy, and gets covered with Pug fur. He mostly sleeps on that one at night.

4. The other half of the dog crate lives in the front bedroom, where the piano is. So when I'm practicing singing or just playing for fun, he has somewhere to be. It is, of course, well padded.

Sometimes, of course, his own multiple beds are not where they should be. From reading Pug lists (Ozpugs and SydneyPugs) we know we are not alone in having to share the bathroom with The Pug. While showering he loves to lie on a bathrobe on the floor. He can't be kept out, he just has to be there with you. And sometimes he likes to lie on the sofa, especially when someone is lying there reading or "watching" the cricket.

Speaking of pugs watching television, there are some hilarious pug videos on YouTube. The one that made me laugh most was this one. Enjoy!

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