Monday, November 27, 2006

Compost woes

Here we live in a small inner city house with a small courtyard out the back. For years I have managed a big compost bin here, but the time has come to give it up. It is work to empty it out and spread out all the lovely rich compost. Worse, it never quite fit onto the available spot for it. It is a circular bin, and the raised garden bed it lived on is just a bit too narrow. This leaves a little gap, which is a perfect snack bar for rats. We never had much of a problem with rats, but now that Portia is gone, they seem to be frolicking at will. The neighbours have problems with them too, we have had discussions over the fence and on the footpath.

So reluctantly and sadly we must downsize. The big bin has gone to my daughter, who will make good use of it. Right now we are putting everything in the garbage bin, and that really does go against the grain. So what to do instead?

We went up to the Watershed in Newtown to talk about worm farms. As a result we have enrolled in a council course one Sunday soon, which will not only tell us how to manage a worm far, we get one free! And we were also shown a Bokashi Bucket, so we will investigate that too. It looks very interesting, and is small enough to live side by side with a worm farm.

So farewell trusty big bin, and, we hope, farewell to the rats.


I sold my first bar of soap through Etsy! Thank you to my first customer, the soap has been sent and I hope you like it! I am very encouraged.

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  1. And I'm excited to order it - my son has always had problems with excema so I'm looking forward to it. Worm farms are great - we had one on the back balcony of our third floor Bondi flat and it was very productive. Those little critters just gobble up whatever you can give them and if you keep them right they don't smell. Good luck.