Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tiny beads, tiny needles

Enough of the veggie knitting for now. The little beady coin purse has been calling me. I figured out how to get the tiny little black beads off their strings and onto the black crochet cotton without them going everywhere, or having to thread them one by one with a beading needle. It is a neat trick - tie a knot in the thread the little beads come on, and slip the end of the crochet thread through it before tightening. Works a treat - mostly. Always wise to do this in a big bowl to catch the escapees. I read the pattern, which is this one, and then realised I didn't have any size 1.25 mm knitting needles. A quick whizz around the web found Crochet Australia, who have a wonderful array of things, including the required terribly fine knitting needles.

An order resulted in the needles arriving within two days, plus a couple of catalogues I have just drooled over.

Lots of crochet cotton in all kinds of colours, and cotton 4-ply. Tatting shuttles (you can never have enough tatting shuttles), crochet hooks, needles, some yarn, and lots and lots of books. I think I am going to have to have a couple - especially the ones on beaded purses along the lines of the one I am doing. And the book on beaded knitting generally.

Man, those 1.25 mm needles are tiny! I am really looking forward to using them to make all kinds of little beady things.


  1. Impressive! And scarey. Good luck, Black, tiny and my middle-aged eyes wouldn't be a good mixture.

  2. Oh my goodness....what an undertaking. I can barely see to knit under a daylamp....I'm impressed by what you are about to do. I will keep up on your progress.